Sinbad Technologies is an innovative software development firm focused on delivering speedy, cost-effective cloud-based transaction solutions for insurance customers, insurers and insurance intermediaries.

Our key product, the Sinbad Marine Insurance Platform, is a White Label Plug-and-Play Solution that helps insurance customers obtain Marine Insurance faster, securely and from anywhere in the world, any time of day or night.

We address a Marine Market that has traditionally been a backwater desk in the insurance industry bringing in less than 2% of total premiums a year, but which is now set to grow to 10 – 15% of Total Premiums in the next five years as a result of efforts to "Localize Marine Cargo Insurance" and Blue Economy Initiatives.

Benefits to both Insurers & their Clients

The Sinbad Marine Insurance Platform has the versatility to not only drive value for Insurers and their clients, but also empower intermediaries involved in the insurance purchasing decision.


    Cutting down on calls and paperwork

    Self-serve model

    Location agnostic vis-a-vis local agents

    Clients get local cover only a click away

    Lower overheads with a Technology Platform